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Thread: QMobile NVRAM Collection

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    Post QMobile NVRAM Collection

    QMobile NVRAM Collection

    QMobile A8i MT6572 4.x.x
    QMobile A10 MT6577 4.0.4
    QMobile A10 V2 MT6577 4.x.x
    QMobile A11 MT6577 4.x.x
    QMobile A12 MT6577 4.0.4
    QMobile A20 MT6589 4.x.x
    QMobile A50 MT6577 4.x.x
    QMobile A60 MT6577 4.x.x
    QMobile A63 MT6572 4.x.x
    QMobile A65 MT6572 4.x.x
    Qmobile A75 MT6572 4.x.x
    QMobile A80 MT6577 4.0.4
    Qmobile A120 MT6572 4.x.x
    Qmobile A400 MT6572 4.x.x
    QMobile A500 MT6589 4.x.x
    QMobile A900 MT6582 4.1.2
    QMobile A900i MT6582 4.x.x
    QMobile M90 MT6582 4.x.x
    QMobile M300 MT6582 4.x.x
    QMobile Noir i6 MT6582 4.x.x
    QMobile Noir i6i MT6580 4.x.x
    QMobile Noir i9 MT6582 4.x.x
    QMobile Noir i10 MT6582 4.x.x
    QMobile Noir S1 MTK6582 5.1
    QMobile Noir S2 MT6580 5.x
    QMobile Noir S3 MT6580 5.1
    QMobile X1 MT6571 4.4.2
    QMobile X2 MT6571 4.x.x
    Qmobile X6 MT6571 4.x.x
    QMobile X10 MT6572 4.4.2
    Qmobile X11 MT6572 4.x.x
    QMobile X20 MT6572 4.x.x
    QMobile X25 MT6572 4.x.x
    Qmobile X30 MT6572 4.x.x
    QMobile X35 V2 MT6572 4.x.x
    Qmobile X60 MT6582 4.x.x
    QMobile X90 MT6572 4.4.2
    QMobile X250 MT6582 4.x.x
    QMobile X300 MT6582 4.x.x
    Qmobile X350 MT6582 4.x.x
    QMobile X450 MT6582 4.x.x
    QMobile X500 MT6582 4.x.x
    QMobile X700iMT6580 5.1
    QMobile X900 MT6592 4.4.2
    QMobile Z4 MT6589 4.x.x
    QTab Q400 MT6582 4.2.2
    QTab V6 MT6582_4.4.2
    QTab X50 MT6589 4.2.1

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    Post Aded Spd NV

    Aded Spd NV


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