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Thread: Uni-Android Rules & Terms !!!

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    Uni-Android Rules & Terms !!!

    U n i - A n d r o i d

    Rules & Terms !!!

    >> This Forum Isn't A Playground. Like Real Life, Nothing Works Without Rules
    >> On Our Forums . The Rules Arrange The "Life" On Our Forums .
    >> If Someone Evades Our Rules Intentional, He Will Be Banned
    >> From The Board!!! We Reserves The Right To Edit Or Delete Postings, Which Don't Correspond To The Rules !

    * Please pay attention to the manners on the board.
    * All the conversation should be made in English as it is an International Forum.
    * Use Thanks Button. it will increase user repo, he will like it more then thanks post.
    * Do not use sexual avatars or images in Profile pictures, Avatar & Signature.
    * Do not Advertise under your Profile field, keeps discipline.
    * Insulting Members, Religious related Discussions are not allowed here.
    * Choose a good Title/Subject for your thread.
    * Title must be start with brands name like (HTC Samsung Moto ETC) Once Don't miss brands name from Title.
    * 2ndly mention Model no , for unknown phone and tablet mention board id or such identifying info In the Title.
    * 3rd mention your problems / wants / needs like Firmware needs, Hang on logo ETC In the Title.
    * Use capitals letters in Titles , Specially 1st letter of every word & Model no must be with capitals letters.
    * Don't start title with helpsxxx, Needsxxx etc its recognized as spam as mentioned Title must be start with brands name.
    * Provide details info inside the thread, like device status, Error logs , what you already have tried etc.
    * Always Choose right sections to Create new thread, We have almost all sections and so many Sub-Forum / Sub- Sections.
    * Before Make thread or posts please read Sticky Thread , Rules & Use search buttons.
    * Password protected files are not allowed or provide password in your thread.
    * Only team leaders are allow to hide password to avoid copy past. they will provide it via pm
    * Its not allowed to post personal contact details (Phone number , Email, ETC) on open forum.
    * Do not make posts with sales intentions in general sections, For it have a separate sections.
    * Box or Dongle successful report , error's logs, screenshot & discuss are not allow to general forum, For each has own section.
    * Requesting for unlock codes in general sections is not allowed, For it has 'Unlocking Codes & log files Requests ' sections.
    * Do not post cracked or copy right software's here, don't kill the GSM Markets.
    * Only one Account for a member. multi account will be ban specially old account
    * Do not post outside links, like forum Blog Links etc...
    * Do not misuse of signature its not for advertise, you will lose signature permission on misuse.
    * Always start a new thread for your problem, avoid making posts in others topic.
    * Do not unnecessary QUOTE , Reply by mentions user name like @name
    * Each section has term & rules to follow, Read it to use of the sections.
    * Use the report buttons for serious issue which is against rules like abusive word, insulting, wrong section, Useless Posts.
    * Product managers & product supporters are not allowed to advertise there products in general sections.
    * User are not allowed to post product updates except product manager and supporters.
    * Same thread will be merge, Its will set automatically. So before create use search buttons.
    * Give credit to original poster for file, tool, solutions etc
    * Stay away prom pm (Private Message) to mod for helps, Post in open forum.
    * Copy past user IP will be ban from our site, So don't copy our solutions to other forum or blog. Stay with us we will help as much as possible.
    * Read rules everyday, Its will be update anytime.


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