Trying to make it easy and safe for you to find a job so you should try to understand & follow the Rules.

Read Carefully :-

Check which type of technicians are necessary (A) Software (B) Hardware or (C) Both.

Check what level & which phones/device experience and skill required there, you have it or not.

Check country, location, languages.

Check they will provide visa & work permit or not? You are eligible to work there?

Check salary, accommodation, transport, medical, air ticket, tax & all other facility.

Don't post your CV/Bio-data, experience, personal details, picture etc etc here in forum, its should be in attachments or send by email, pm, phones.

Check post date before reply, don't reply much older post which position been already taken.

Thread owner should ask you to contact by email, message, phone etc so do it, replying here would not help you to get job but wasting forum space.

Don't be silly, don't think foreign/abroad have "tree of money" and you shake them then money will be fall around you. You have to work & earn so people will pay you. There is some cheater too who will ask you money for visa, etc, you will get nothing but be cheated. So be careful !!!

If all that ok for you go ahead.
For your own safety keep this section clean please.

Remember, Breaking forum rules, reply again and again or reply in wrong thread which is not for you will be deleted and may punished without any notice.